SAT Test

The SAT test is used to determine the antioxidant power of saliva.


As the antioxidant power of saliva is the first defence against the development of an oxidative stress condition, its determination is particularly useful.


A substance with antioxidant capacity is defined chemically as a molecule with reducing properties. Reducing properties are not an absolute but a relative characteristic, so the choice of reference molecule becomes important.


If this molecule is too oxidising, the antioxidant power of the saliva will be overestimated because molecules that under physiological conditions do not usually have antioxidant power will also react. On the contrary, choosing an oxidant that is too mild will lead to an underestimation for the opposite reason. It was considered appropriate to choose ferric ion as the reference molecule because it is present under physiological conditions and therefore a test based on it provides a realistic estimate of the antioxidant power.


The antioxidant power of saliva provides an indication of physiological mechanisms and oral health (J Oral Pathol Med . 2012, 41(9):649-661.). It is recognised that a lowering of the antioxidant defences of the oral cavity correlates with the onset of inflammatory diseases, e.g. periodontitis. Excessive antioxidant power, on the other hand, is a recognised risk factor for the development of caries.


The SAT test is a photometric test that can be used in outpatient, research and pharmacy settings on a dedicated system (FRAS5 and Mini SAT) or in any laboratory with a photometer. The test is performed on 10 µl of saliva in just one minute. SAT test results are expressed as µmol/l ascorbic acid equivalents.


  • Validated at the University of Urbino Carlo Bo; (Clin Lab. 2014, 60(3):475-482.)
  • Population reference values are available;
  • Solid scientific back ground (scientific back ground);
  • Simple and easy to use;
  • Suitable for both human and veterinary use.
  • Suitable for scientific research.

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