d-ROMs FAST test

The d-ROMs FAST Test allows the blood concentration of peroxides to be determined.


Peroxides are a recognised marker of oxidative stress derived mainly from lipid oxidation (Cur Med Chem. 2005, 12:1161-1208.). Some classical molecules used as markers, such as MDA or isoprostranes, only identify the damage that has occurred, as they are the last products of oxidative processes. Peroxides, on the other hand, are the first products of oxidative processes, and among other things retain a certain pro-oxidant power themselves, so their quantification enables an early determination of the onset of oxidative stress, ensuring the possibility of early intervention.


The d-ROMs FAST Test is a photometric test that can be used in an outpatient setting, in a pharmacy on a dedicated system (FRAS5 or FRAS BRAVO) or in any laboratory equipped with a photometer. The test is performed on just 10 µl of heparinized plasma or serum in just 2.5 minutes. The results of the d-ROMs FAST Test are expressed in U.CARR (1 U.CARR is equivalent to the signal developed by a 0.08 mg/dl solution of hydrogen peroxide). The d-ROMs FAST Test can be performed alone or in combination with the PAT test in the REDOX OB FAST kit.


  • Validated by comparison with electron resonance spectroscopy ESR/EPR considered the golden standard” technique in the study of free radicals (Res Chem Inter. 2000, 26(3):253- 267.)
  • Reference values are available in the healthy  population determined from over 4000 subjects;
  • Solid scientific back-ground (BibliO.S.);
  • Easy to perform tests;
  • Suitable for both human and veterinary use.
  • Suitable for scientific research.

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